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Aanbieder NVVRT
Datum 19/01/2024
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Face It! A revolutionary journey about registration!

The NVVRT Congress presents a dynamic trio of speakers, a dream team, shedding light on crucial aspects of comprehensive dentistry.

Beyond targeted communication, the emphasis is on training the eye to encompass the patient’s entire situation rather than reducing them to their teeth alone. The interaction between dentists, dental technicians and physiotherapists takes center stage as the speakers delve into key questions for successful treatment.  The virtual articulator – poetry or truth – what is possible today? Which registration method is reproducible and corresponds to the anatomical specifications? Does the patient show any compensations in his gestures, facial expressions, posture? If so, how can these be documented correctly? How are models correctly analyzed and how is the natural position of the upper and lower jaw aligned in the articulator? What are the consequences of the functional disorders found in the planning and how do I eliminate them in the upcoming reconstruction? What importance does the physiotherapist/osteopath play in pre-treatment and during dental therapy? How do I transfer the set, physiological vertical height to the final prosthetics?

World-class speakers, on stage in The Netherlands!
  • Dr. Siegfriedt Marquardt (specialist in esthetic and functional dentistry and implantology)
  • MDT Udo Plaster (dental technician,  The PlaneSystem®)
  • DO Ralf Hergenröther (physiotherapist)

Martijn Moolenaar (prosthodontist, implantologist)


The lecture explores the nuanced aspects of patient assessments, including compensations in gestures, facial expressions, and posture. It investigates the level of compensation, whether muscular or skeletal, and considers the patient’s awareness and visible causes. Consequences of overloading and functional deficits are examined. The analysis of models, alignment of the upper and lower jaw in the articulator, and the relevance of anatomical parameters are key topics.

The transmission of the natural head position (NHP) is thoroughly explored, integrating theoretical knowledge into everyday practice. Orthodontics’ impact on reconstructive results is discussed, and the role of physiotherapy/osteopathy in pre-treatment and during dental therapy is highlighted. Practical cases are presented, addressing problem areas and showcasing a live patient demonstration. The implementation of vertical height with “table tops,” the influence of CAD/CAM procedures, and the role of the virtual articulator are examined in detail.

The comprehensive coverage provided by the speakers, Dr. Marquardt, MDT Udo Plaster, and Ralf Hergenröther, spans dental, dental technology, and physiotherapy realms. Dr. Marquardt focuses on practical implementation and case studies, Udo Plaster delves into the PlaneSystem®, and Ralf Hergenröther explores the interrelation of body parts and their influence on oral health.

The seminar demonstrates both analog and digital workflows, with a spotlight on the possibilities of the virtual articulator. This integrated approach minimizes errors in prosthetic restorations and treatment planning, providing a comprehensive and practical perspective for dental professionals.