Management of Severe Tooth wear: From diagnostics to full rehabilitation (12 krt)

A unique course focussed on learning diagnostics, treatment concepts and clinically useful tips!
Severe tooth wear is considered an increasing problem in dentistry.  In one-third of the adolescents population dental wear is observed, indicating that nutrition plays an important role. However, the actual number of patients with tooth wear needing restorative treatment is limited and etiology of these severe wear cases seems to be complex and multifactorial. Besides chemical wear (erosion), also mechanical wear (e.g. attrition due to bruxism) often plays an important part. Restorative treatment is complex and challenging for the dentist. Questions related to restorative treatment are when to start a rehabilitation? How to conduct such a complex procedure, direct or indirect? What’s the prognosis of a rehabilitation in these high risk patients?

Cursusleider: B.A.C. Loomans, DDS, PhD Docenten: B.A.C. Loomans, DDS, PhD, N.J.M. Opdam, DDS, PhD, Mrs. H.E.C.E. Huijs-Visser, DDS

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