The Inman Aligner

Op donderdag 8 februari 2018 geeft Dr. Tif Qureshi een exclusieve lezing over de Inman Aligner, een uitneembare beugel voor volwassenen.
Ultimate Conservative Aesthetic Dentistry
ABB (align bleach and bond from Simple Ortho to the Restorative)
Implementing ABB (Alignment Bleaching and Bonding) into general practice
This part of the lecture will cover the basics for simple tooth alignment planning, consenting patients with the latest techniques in digital analysis and planning. He will also cover the use of modern composite materials for simple non invasive edge bonding that can also improve the patients function, guidance and prevent natural, ageing, occlusal changes and the use of simultaneous bleaching technique. The concept of Progressive smile design (PSD) through ABB (Alignment, Bleaching and bonding) can mean that any dentist in any practice can o er safe, aesthetic patient led treatments.

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